Grandparents’ & Foster Parents’ Rights

Foster parents are put into a difficult situation...

They are trusted with the care of minors for a number of reasons. There are instances in which the children entrusted to foster care may benefit from permanent placement or adoption, only to meet with several hurdles from the biological parents or family. When this occurs, the foster parents need assistance and guidance from an experienced attorney to protect their rights and ensure the welfare of the children. Call Clements Law Firm, PLLC when you need representation for your foster case today.

We protect the rights of grandparents to ensure a proper child support system

There are times in which parents are unfit to care for a child or children, but the grandparents have been heavily involved with the care of the child. In these cases, the grandparents may want to exercise their rights for custody or even just for visitation rights. If you need help with a case to protect your rights as a grandparent, call Clements Law Firm, PLLC. I have experience working with a number of grandparents rights cases and will fight for those rights in court. Call to schedule a consultation today!

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