Child Support

Are you having trouble getting the money your children need...

from their mother or father? Are you are experiencing financial hardships which make it difficult to make your child support payments and need an experienced child support attorney to help you figure out a temporary solution? Clements Law Firm, PLLC has experience working in many child support cases in the Abilene, TX area and can provide you with the guidance you need for your child support case.

How is child support determined?
Throughout the state of Texas, Family Courts typically use the same child support guidelines that are listed in the Texas Family Code to determine the logistics of child support. The Court has the power to modify said code, depending on if there has been a material or substantial change in the life of a parent or a child. Modifications can also take place if it has been three years since the child support was ordered, where it will increase or decrease by either 20% or $100. More often than not, modifications happen because of a parent's change in employment or loss of job.

Can child support be modified?
Child support can be modified. You must request a modification from the same court that granted your child support originally. Even if you and your child's other parent have agreed on terms for the modification, it still must go before a judge before it can be changed. If you and your child's other parent can't come to an agreement, a hearing may take place. At said hearing, both parents make arguments for their proposed modification and the judge determines the best possible discourse.

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We know how difficult it can be to get the financing you need to support your child, especially when the other parent is unwilling to cooperate. That is why Clements Law Firm, PLLC keep compassion in mind. We want to make the entire process and situation as smooth as possible so your child is getting the financing they deserve. For more information about the child support services we offer the Abilene, TX area, give us a call today.

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